EVO 4-9 ATP Stock Location Turbo Install Guide

Basic Installation Instructions - Status: *Preliminary*
Control Doc#: Unassigned
Product: Stock Location GT/GTX Ball Bearing 30R and 35R Series
Twinscroll (Internally Wastegated)
Pre-installation Notes: Drain engine fluids (oil and coolant) and remove the stock turbo from
vehicle in accordance with the instructions in the factory workshop manual.
** Remove the radiator, fan, and then pad the AC condenser to avoid puncture during install!


Bill of Materials (content checklist of each stock location turbo kit) includes:
1 - Turbocharger unit preassembled and pre-clocked with wastegate actuator
1 - 14" Oil feed line assembly -3 AN size attached to turbo via low profile banjo bolt and 3 washers
1 - End of oil feed line has 10mm banjo (to attach to stock oil feed bolt on cylinder head)
2 - 10mm crush washers (for oil feed banjo bolt)
2 - 8mm to 6mm stepdown studs / 6mm hex nuts (bolts stock oil drain flange to GT(X) turbo)
4 - GT oil drain gaskets with 6mm bolt holes (use qty 2 on each end of the factory oil drain tube)
1 - 12" of high temp 5/8" oil drain hose (black), 2 hose clamps to match
1 - 14mm banjo bolt with 2 crush washers (special type with 8mm allen head)
1 - 14mm to -6 AN flare fitting and required 14mm crush washer
1 - -6 AN steel braided line and barbed terminator with 3" length of 3/8" multi-ply silicone hose and 2 matching hose clamps (for coolant line assembly to side of head).
5 - 10mm x 1.5 pitch studs, nuts, and washers for downpipe exit
4 - 10mm x 1.5 pitch studs, nuts, and washers for turbo to manifold connection
1 - Compressor outlet pipe and transition hose (2 matching clamps) - QTY (2) of 2" to 2.5" trans.

Hook up instructions for turbo and lines:

1. Transfer the rear coolant pipe/hose assembly from stock turbo over to the new turbo and fasten down with supplied 14mm banjo bolt (as shown in picture).


2. Bolt the 02 housing to the turbo using factory gasket and the (5) 10mm studs, nuts and
washers provided.
3. Place the new GT/GTX turbo assembly into place and bolt down to exhaust manifold using the (4) 10mm studs, nuts and washers provided along with the factory gasket.

atp-stock-position-evo-turbo-install3 atp-stock-position-evo-turbo-install4

4. Place the open banjo end of the supplied oil feed line into the stock oil feed bolt and torque down. ** Use the (2) new supplied 10mm copper crush washers.


5. Slide rubber end of factory rear coolant hose back into the factory barb and clamp down just like on factory stock turbo.


6. Slide the rubber end of the front coolant line assembly (braided line assembly) provided. Slip onto the barb on the waterneck and clamp down as shown in picture.


** Note on oil drain install - It is possible to "massage" the factory oil drain tube slightly to get it to line up with the new turbo. If you don't want to take the time, the procedure below is the quickest. It converts the oil drain assembly to a "slip-on" style connection.
7. Oil drain part 1 - Cut the flexible area away from the factory oil drain tube and bolt the two "ends" back onto the oil pain and to bottom turbo as shown in the picture below.


8. Oil drain part 2 - Slide on the high temp rubber drain hose provided and clamp down with clamps provided as shown in picture.


9. Re-install heatshield onto top of the factory exhaust manifold:


10. Slide in either the stock rubber turbo inlet hose or the optional 3" inlet pipe kit between turbo compressor and MAF on air box.

atp-stock-position-evo-turbo-install13 atp-stock-position-evo-turbo-install12

11. Re-install the rubber elbow on the upper intercooler pipe and prepare the radiator hose for reinstall of the radiator.


12. Place radiator and fan back into place.


13. Underneath the vehicle. Install the compressor outlet pipe (replaces the stock J-pipe) provided and align to factory lower intercooler pipe.
Note: The supplied compressor discharge pipe is 2.5" diameter where the stock lower intercooler pipe is 1.75" at the connection point. If you purchase the add-on lower intercooler pipe, proceed to step 14.


14. Install the 2.5" lower intercooler pipe as shown (join between the compressor discharge pipe and the passenger side of the intercooler).