Tuning and Remapping Services

At GB Enterprises we are proud to have a 2500 horse power 4 wheel drive dyno cell. 

We can do single car power runs or full mapping sessions. We can map a whole range of cars, including most Japanese cars, German marques and even the odd kit car!

We also provide new standalone ECU installs, we are Link Master Dealers and Haltech Elite dealers. We can provide full wiring services and use the dyno to give you the best map possible. 

Our dyno is our centre piece, Grant has been tuning cars for 22 years and the dyno has been his single biggest upgrade. The Superflow dyno we have is an amazing bit of kit and makes tuning/mapping cars much easier than on the road, we can even do full throttle launches in the dyno cell!

We can also remap/flash most modern car ECU's including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Toyota. 

See our tuning packages here: https://www.gb-ent.com/collections/mapping

Get in touch to arrange a booking or see our blog for more of our #dynostories