Grant's Audi A4 Part 2 - Intended Mods.

Intended Modifications

As mentioned before, the car is lacking in power, braking, handling and noise… 

I decided to address all of the above in stages as follows: 

Stage 0.5: Exhaust and Ignition Coils – A FULL Turbo back exhaust system in 3” Stainless Steel and some Denso Coils from a Toyota with Stock Ignitor being deleted. This means more (nicer) noise and a cleaner, stronger spark 

Stage 1: Turbo/Manifold – eBay Special!!! T34 Turbo and cast top mount manifold from our friends in China. This means (lots) more power and potential for future turbo upgrades. 

Stage 2: Intercooler  600x300x76mm eBay Special!!! This means cooler air can be drawn / blown into the engine for a higher power level. 

Stage 3: Link Fury ECU, Injectors – Link’s Fury has built in wideband control and a massive array of inputs and outputs. Might as well swap to 870cc injectors while I’m at it! Also, looks like we will switch to ethrottle (drive by wire) to enable us to implement ALS, traction and cruise control. The car as standard didn’t have cruise, and ethrottle wasn’t introduced until 2000. So the car should now drive BETTER than stock and have more power. 

Stage 4: Brakes – Homebrew (ish) kit using K Sport 8 pot callipers sourced from a friend, Wilwood 355x32mm rotors and alloy bells left over from an EVO project, Performance Friction 01 Race pads from our friends at AS Performance and some HEL Brake Lines. This means we can stop the thing from 70mph (where allowed!) and 75mph when on track! 

Stage 5: Bilstein B12 Suspension – Power is nothing without Control right? This should help a lot… 

Stage 6: Engine Time – Planned spec and parts gathering – A 2 litre stroker is planned on a budget. Read about the parts we sourced and why. 

Stage 7: Engine Build – Putting it all together – Our friends at DY Engine Services have been selected to do their best to make the parts come together in a reliable package. 


  1. 450hp / 400lbft 
  1. Sub 1:20 lap of Castle Combe in full road trim with interior. We will test this on the stock engine first… 
  1. 160mph top speed 
  1. Ability to go over speed bumps and take the kids to school without wearing helmets and padded trousers! 

Come back soon to see how it goes!