Performance Friction Brake Pads Bedding in Procedure

The following procedure is for PFC (Performance Friction Corporation) Carbon Metallic pads and PFC discs.

Due to PFC’s race proven technology, unlike other manufacturer’s brake products, it is recommended that new discs be bedded with new pads (only applicable to PFC discs). This will ensure that two flat surfaces are bedded, thus providing the optimum braking solution.

During the bedding process the driver must not drag the brakes by applying continuous pedal effort with his left foot to induce heat into the braking system. This will cause heat build up too quickly and result in glazed pads.

Likewise, the driver must ensure that the following procedure is adhered to and sufficient heat is generated in the braking system, otherwise the pads are prone to glazing if run too cold during the early stages of the pad’s life.

Whilst bedding, brake applications should be consistent and using constant pedal effort, which is progressively increased throughout the procedure.

5 light snubs*, light pedal application: 50mph – 30mph

5 medium snubs, medium pedal application: 70mph – 40mph

3 hard snubs, hard pedal application (no ABS activation): 100+mph – 30mph**

Cool down period – 5 mile run with very little brake (Do not sit at side of road with foot resting on brakes when hot, this is likely to damage the disc).

Stop and examine discs – discs should show evidence of heat cycle (colouration in flange) and possess an even transfer layer of pad material on surfaces.

Bedding procedure should now be complete.

* Snub is the term used for the deceleration of a vehicle from a relatively high speed to a low speed using constant brake pedal effort.

** PFC is not responsible for any convictions as a result of this bedding procedure. The location as to where the brakes are bedded is at the driver’s own discretion and entirely his/her own responsibility.

PFC brake discs and pads help win many championships in the higher echelons of motorsport such as GT, touring car, CHAMP Car, Formula 3, Formula 3000, NASCAR and many more. Therefore, you can rest assured that the brakes fitted to cars with Performance Friction have been developed from race winning technology that is unrivalled by any other manufacturer.