SuperClutch Twin and Triple Clutch Instructions for EVO

GBE Twin and Triple SUPERCLUTCH Kit – EVO 4-9


Parts supplied:

·         Superclutch Twin or Triple clutch pack

·         Superclutch Hydraulic Release Bearing (HRB) modified to suit EVO Bell housing

·         Bleed hose for HRB

·         Feed hose for HRB

·         Billet Flywheel (no ring gear – use ring gear from existing flywheel)

·         Mounting bolts for HRB – M6x16 Cap head

·         Mounting bolts for Clutch to Flywheel – 5/16x1.75 or M8x 45 (depending on Flywheel)

General Fitting instructions:

 Previous work required

·         Remove gearbox

·         Remove clutch

·         Remove flywheel

·         Remove clutch fork and release bearing from gearbox

·         Remove ring gear from flywheel

·         Fit ring gear to new flywheel

Parts needed

·         Brake / Clutch Fluid

Fitting of new parts

Remove release bearing guide sleeve as per picture (4x 10mm headed M6 bolts)

evo-superclutch2 evo-superclutch3

Install hoses on HRB, making sure shorter bleed hose is at the top, then guide hoses through hole in gearbox where clutch arm used to be:

evo-superclutch4 evo-superclutch5

Fasten HRB to gearbox with M6x16 cap head screws (supplied)

evo-superclutch6 evo-superclutch7

Clean flywheel with a non-oil based cleaner – brake cleaner is ideal. Degrease all friction and drive plates.

Install flywheel to engine and clutch to flywheel making sure plates are perfectly lined up. **DO NOT LUBRICATE GEARBOX SPLINES!**

  • Tighten bolts or nuts to 32lbft. Loosen slightly, then re-torque. Check that clutch cover is fully “home” and has cleared the step on the flywheel.
  • Refit gearbox to engine, taking extra care to ensure gearbox is fitted in one easy action in a straight line to prevent any damage to clutch splines.
  • Look through hole where hoses are coming through and you will see the bearing and clutch springs have a clearance of approximately 4mm-5mm (indicated by white arrows)


If the clearance is greater than 5mm you will need to remove gearbox and HRB, then pop bearing off and install one/both of the bearing shims included.

·         If clearance is less than 3.5mm please contact us.

·         Now fix feed hose to OE clutch feed on bulk head and bleed clutch.

·         When done, fix bleed hose out of the way


Now the clutch is installed you are required to limit the travel of the HRB. This is to prevent over-exerting the clutch springs. Travel from initial contact with clutch springs to maximum must not exceed 5.5mm. This can be done in one of 2 ways:

1) Fabricate a clutch pedal stop so that travel is limited by a “stop” touching the floor of the car.

2) introducing some “slack” to the system so that the pedal biting point is lower in the travel.

Either way, total piston/pushrod travel (including “taking up the slack” in the pedal) measured from the pedal to master cylinder should not exceed 24 mm. If you look up behind the clutch pedal you can see the pushrod entering the master cylinder through a rubber boot. There is actually some adjustment on this pushrod, which can help reduce travel if needed.

24mm of pushrod travel equates to 9mm of HRB extension, which is 5mm of clutch release and 4mm of running clearance.