Aftermarket ECU Fit and Map Service - Wire in ECU

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This is a full fitting and mapping service for Wire In Aftermarket ECUs. We will fully wire the ECU, including fitting any additional sensors and connectors, set up the base map and then spend several hours on our dyno making sure we get the most out of the car whilst retaining safety. As part of this service we can also set up Motorsport features if you want them, including Anti-Lag and launch control. We will also give you print outs showing the power and torque your car has made.

We have over 10 years experience with stand alone ECUs and are happy taking on nearly any project; just look at our blog for some of the cars we've worked on recently: - we are very proud of our Link Storm and 1JZ setups!

This service is for nearly all aftermarket ECUs: Apexi/HKS/Life/Haltech/Motec to name a few. Get in touch to discuss what we can and can't do.