ATP GT3071R Stock Frame Turbo for Mitsubishi EVO 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 - 450hp

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100% stock location GT3071R turbo kit for the Lancer Evolution 4 through Evo 8/9. Full twin-scroll, twin flapper internal wastegate, dual ball bearing turbo. 450HP with instant spoolup.
These work with STOCK elbow and downpipe, so offer one of the cheapest power upgrades on the market today!
GENUINE Garrett Turbocharger with high quality dual ball bearing core! This is not a modified stock turbo!Also, can be changed to a T4 / T3 / V-band turbine housing at a later date, so best of both worlds!!
Choice of 2.5" Inlet for totally stock appearance or 4" for ultimate flow - please note that the 4" inlet requires the front gearbox mount to be modified slightly.Every kit shipped includes these following accessories in addition to the ready to install turbo: -Steel braided oil feed line assembly with banjo at the turbo and at the cylinder head -Oil drain gasket and bolts to attach to stock oil drain tube to the turbo-Banjo bolt and crush washers to attach to stock rear coolant pipe -Steel braided coolant feed line assembly on front of turbo -(4) 10mm studs and nuts for turbo to manifold -(5) 10mm studs and nuts for turbo to 02 housing -2.5" compressor discharge elbow (replaces the stock 1.75" J-pipe and rubber hose)
2.5" Stock air inlet:

4" Air inlet:

Optional 2.5" Lower Intercooler Pipe kit: