EvoScan Subaru Select Monitor I (SSMI) 9pin/16pin DataLogger Cable (for 1990-1998 Subarus)

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EvoScan Subaru Select Monitor I (SSMI) 9pin/16pin DataLogger Cable (1990-1998)
HighSpeed USB Cable for Subaru 1990-1998 SSMI vehicles.

Perfect for EvoScan.

Specifically supports pre 1998 Subaru vehicles with a 9 pin diagnostic port for EFI Datalogging, or if your vehicle has a 16pin obd2 style plug with metal pins in pin12 and pin13, you will need this SSMI cable.

Included is virtual comport software to use this USB cable with serial port based software.

Figure 1.  1999 Subaru Or Earlier - note the pins at 4/5/12/13 on the vehicle connector in the drivers foot well area, under the steering wheel you will see the OBDII port like this.

Supports  1993 Subaru SVX, and supports all other Subaru SVX vehicles prior to 1999.

This cable has two plug heads,  9pin for the yellow/orange 9pin subarus, and has a 16pin plug head also for those SSMI plugs (that looks like OBDII, but its really SSMI, you can tell from the pins 12, 13, 4, 5.   OBDII never has those 4 pins together like that, only this Subaru SSMI does.

Here is a picture of the EvoScan 9pin Male plug (this is only one of the two plugs attached to this EvoScan 9pin/16pin Subaru Cable.)


This is a picture of the EvoScan 9pin/16pin plug.. you can see its a dual head configuration, for supporting both types of Subaru Select Monitor I protocol vehicles.

This Cable supports the following 2 types of 1990-1999 subaru vehicles.

This EvoScan 9pin/16pin USB cable supports all of the 1996-1999 subaru vehicles with pins 4/5/12/13 on an OBDII style connector.
This particular photo example is from a 1999 Subaru Legacy B4 RSK JDM (jap import) Model GF-BE5 / BE5-030386 / BE5B48.
Notice the pins at 12, 13, 4, 5.   

This 16pin part of the EvoScan cable will plug into this. 

Some 1999 are not SSMII.  (if you see a pin7, then it is SSMII, if you see no pin7(and you see pins 12, 13, 4, 5) its this 9pin/16pin old SSMI model obdii style plug)