PEC Forged Con Rods for Rover T16 - Budget spec

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**Exclusive to GB Enterprises**

High quality items capable of withstanding decent torque! The wild-card engine component in the T16 is the con-rod. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule as to how much "power" they will take before failing. Standard rods are made from a cast steel. This is fine for a standard engine, but as you start to push things the rods can be stretched to their limits. We have seen standard Rover rods bend at as little as 10psi of boost! We recommend replacing rods when rebuilding an engine with Forged Piston, etc The budget spec rods you see here are exactly that... BUDGET Spec rods! These are made from top spec materials, but using a different quality of steel, a tapered "H" Beam profile and one step down on the ARP big end bolts.

Budget rods feature:

• Vacuum melt chrome moly forging, heat-treated.

• ARP Big end bolts • Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings

• End-to-end balanced in sets.These rods are 160mm C-C (standard length) with 21mm small ends. Designed for floating pins, but can be used with press fit pins. 

Our thoughts on budget rods are well documented, but if you want them, we will supply them! "Racing"  Warranty only on this product (IE none!)