Garrett GT3040R (3082) Turbo with T3 Turbine side

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Dual Ball Bearing GT3040R (AKA GT3082R) Turbo assembly. T3 style inlet flange with 4 bolt T31 style exit. This turbo incorporates the same exact GT40 compressor wheel found in the popular GT35/40R, but runs the smaller 60mm w/84 trim turbine wheel from the GT30R. Appropriate for smaller engine where the GT35/40R feels too big, but the high amount of compressor flow is needed for the desired HP and boost levels. Large T04S style compressor housing with 4.00 inlet and 2.50" outlet. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 600HP. External wastegate recommendedIdeal on 1.8-2.2L cars Also available with Polished Compressor housing and Anti Surge Machining (Essential on 0.63 AR or smaller engines). Both options shown here, costing £45 each3" V-Band Turbine outlet also available (£40) 5 Bolt Ford style Turbine outlet also available (£0)