Gaz coilovers for Rover 200 mk2 and 400 mk1

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We have extensively tested these on our own demo vehicle, and it is safe to say that we were MORE than a little surprised... The handling is improved beyond belief, and the ride height can be set to whatever you want from standard, down to -60mm (lower is possible, but reduces suspension travel dramatically.The most surprising (and pleasant) aspect of this kit is the ride quality... not the rock hard, bone shaking, teeth rattling experience you would expect, but a forgiving - almost comfortable - ride. You know the car handles better, but for once you aren't reminded of this every time a small pebble gets in the way!Rebound damping is adjustable via a removable knurled knob on the top at the front and a small thumbwheel on the base of the rear. Contact us if you wish to discuss spring rates for special applications. Also available in double (combined rebound and compression) side adjustment "race" spec for an extra premium.