GBE Fast Road Spec T16 Clutch kit - 270lbft - Kestrel Kevlar Dual Friction

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GBE Designed Fast Road clutch kit for Rover T16 manufactured by Kestrel Transmissions to our spec. Rated at a true 270lbft with pretty much identical release load to OE... So no bent pedals or collapsed cable adjusters! Organic / Kevlar Dual Friction Complete kit - cover, plate and bearing WILL NOT DAMAGE OR MARK FLYWHEEL OR PRESSURE PLATE FACES. COPE WITH HIGHER PERFORMANCE THAN STANDARD ENGAGES MORE SMOOTHLY LESS DRIVE TRAIN STRESS IDEAL FOR ANY RACE OR RALLY APPLICATION STEEL BACKED FOR HIGHER BURST STRENGTH DELIVERS HIGHER COEFFICIENTS OF FRICTION AND TORQUE ELIMINATES DUST NORMALLY CREATED BY STANDARD FACINGS IDEAL REPLACEMENT FOR CEREMATALLIC TYPE FRICTION MATERIALS Suits Rover T16 Turbo engines AND L Series Turbo Diesel. Introductory Price It is ESSENTIAL that your flywheel is flat and true with a ground surface prior to fitment. You also need to be 100% certain that the flywheel and clutch itself is free from grease, oil or any contaminents.