Gripper Plate Diff for Peugeot 206/306

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Gripper LSD / Differential for Peugeot 206/306 - all modelsPlease specify which gearbox you have! Problems with grip on your car?Fed up with breakages of OE diffs?Fit a Gripper Diff... Handbuilt in the UK! Whilst based on the well proven multi plate principle, these differentials embody unique features of detailed design which make them unusually progressive in action and extremely compact, such that they can be packed into applications where hitherto no LSD has been available. They can be set up with varying amounts of preload to suit individual driver preference and particular conditions. In Rallying they offer the additional advantage that, in the event of failure of other transmission elements, e.g. a broken drive shaft (even at low levels of preload) they may still provide sufficient traction to drive out of a stage. Models are currently available to suit a number of popular applications, based on two sizes of largely standardized internal components. Their performance and durability has been vailidated both by extensive testing and by successful usage on both track and stage. Selection of Ramp Angles and Total Lock values available to suit any car, whether it is a drag setup or a tight sprint car!