GTX3076R Gen 2 Stock Frame Bolt on 600HP Turbo for EVO 4-9 - EXCLUSIVE to GBE

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If you need 600hp and ultra fast spool, look no further!

GBE have worked closely with our supplier to have a bespoke turbine housing made, enabling the GTX3076R GEN 2 Cores to be fitted to the Mitsubishi EVO range from 4-9.

What makes this different to other GTX "Stock Frame" Turbos?

Quite simply - the turbine housing. Whilst other GTX turbos on the market use a conventional rotation core, we have specced a Reverse Rotation core. This means it spins the SAME way as the standard EVO turbos. This equates to a much smoother flow of air into the turbo and onto the turbine wheel. No convoluted route - straight in and all the gas spins the wheel directly. Every other manufacturer using Garrett cores have used turbine housings which end up being extremely limiting for flow.

Spool is on a par with the well known "80 series" turbos, which at best do 430hp (although cars tuned elsewhere claiming more than this have yet to even break the 400hp barrier on our dyno!) but with the capability of 550-575hp (dependant on engine spec) on our Super Flow Dyno. What's not to like? 150-175hp more than an 80 series and spool as fast!

Why a Garrett GTX-R?

Quite simply because they are extremely strong. We do not agree with grafting large wheels onto stock EVO Turbo cores. The standard core was never meant to take the mass of the larger wheels some people fit. The result? Shorter bearing life.

As well as strength, the Garrett wheels are designed to flow high volumes of air!

Are they direct fit?

  • Nearly...
  • The turbo physically bolts to the manifold and downpipe/elbow directly.
  • The standard EVO oil drain pipe fits directly. You need to give it a small "tweak" to angle it towards the sump.
  • Water feeds from your original turbo can be re-used, or we can supply new braided lines.
  • A new oil feed is required (or you can make your own) with a restrictor
  • This turbo is specced with a 4" inlet, meaning a new intake pipe is required.
  • Your existing turbo outlet (J-Pipe) is no longer used. You will need to use a silicone joiner to connect your lower intercooler pipe to the turbo outlet.