HARD BRAKE Titanium Heat Shields / shims for K-Sport 8 pot Calipers

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Hard Brake's titanium brake heat shields are a quick, affordable and guaranteed method for managing your brake heat. They fit between your brake pad and brake caliper pistons to form a thermal barrier that protects your caliper and fluid from excess heat.

These titanium brake shields have a small fraction of the thermal conductivity of steel or aluminum materials used for brake pads and calipers, and provide a critical thermal barrier between your glowing hot rotors and your precious hydraulic brake fluids.
They give your track car the same proven brake heat mitigation materials used by major performance brake manufacturers like Brembo and top teams in Formula One and NASCAR, for a small fraction of the cost.
HARD BRAKE only use top-grade 6Al-4V titanium alloy for maximum thermal protection, structural integrity and corrosion resistance. The brake backing plates are precision engineered and machined to exacting specifications. Each shield is designed to provide maximum coverage of the brake pad surface, providing protection against both conduction and radiant heat transfer.
They can be installed in minutes using the same tools you use to change your brake pads. HARD BRAKE shields have been track tested and proven on a wide range of race cars and tracks.
This is inexpensive insurance to help protect you from possible brake failure and a costly repair bill, or worse.
Here's proof that the fluid will stay cooler:

If the pistons are cooler, less heat will transfer to the fluid. Add to this the fact that your caliper seals, etc will all be exposed to less heat and you are on to a winner!