Helix Clutch Kit for Mitsubishi EVO 7-9 - 240mm Ceremetallic With Sprung 5 Pad Plate - 90-4665

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Mitsubishi EVO 7-9 - 240mm Ceremetallic With Sprung 5 Pad Plate - 90-4665

Clutch Size: 240mm

Clutch Type: Cerametallic Paddle Sprung

Torque Cap Nm(lb ft): 635(467)

Kit includes cover,plate and bearing

This type of drive plate is more suitable for high energy competition applications like rallying, although it can be substituted for road use where the organic drive plate cannot withstand the higher operating temperatures. The design incorporates a sprung centre to provide some protection against drive line shock. It is manufactured with a rigid adaptor disc (instead of cushion segments) incorporating cerametallic pads as shown. The cerametallic material keeps its friction co-efficient properties to a much higher operating temperature than the organic material.