Innovate Motorsports Auto / Turbo Timer & AFR Display

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Innovate Motorsports Auto Timer - Part Number IN3830
Designed to prolong the life of your turbocharger and/or oil, the Innovate Motorsports Auto Timer will allow a vehicle to idle the engine for a timed period, with the ignition key removed. This conveniently allows the engine oil and turbo center cartridge to cool down properly and prolong turbo and oil life.

This can be done by two programmable count down presets, or you can use its three auto timer modes (Low-Normal-High). A Manual Timer, Volt-Meter, and *Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Display are also standard features.
The Auto Timer Air/Fuel Ratio display range is 7.4 to 22.4, with a 0-5 volt linear input. The safety option for the parking brake can be used to disengage operation if vehicle is attempted to be moved without the key.

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