Lightweight Billet Flywheel for Rover K16 - For fitment of 228mm T16 / Turbo Clutch

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Designed to allow you to fit the larger T16 size 228mm clutch to a K series Rover Engine.

Lightweight billet steel  - MADE IN THE UK!

Integral teeth Suits 228mm diameter clutch

Dynamically balanced

Throttle Response

One of the chief reasons for investing in a lightweight flywheel is the increased throttle response. Because the wheel is attached directly to the crankshaft, it is weight that needs to be directly rotated by the engine. The less weight the engine has to rotate, the faster that engine will rotate. This translates into an increase in throttle response, which means it will require less pressure on the gas pedal to achieve the same result. Acceleration Throttle response doesn't always directly affect acceleration, but with a lighter flywheel the increased response comes with increased acceleration, though not as significant as many other upgrades. Because the engine can rev higher and faster and doesn't have to use as much power to do so, it can get more of the power it makes to the wheels of the car. Transmissions and drive train parts, like a flywheel, suck up a good portion of an engine's power. The more you can do to reduce that, the more power gets to the wheels. Overall weight It may seem silly to mention, but in many racing circuits, the removal of an additional few pounds can mean the difference between first and second place. It's not usually the first area people go to when putting their cars on the proverbial diet, but the 3 to 5 lb. lost when replacing the flywheel can be significant, not just for overall engine power but for the weight of the car. Since this weight is also coming out of the significantly heavier front end of the car, removing it is all the more attractive.