Link Thunder G4+ Standalone ECU - Digital onboard Wideband

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The Link G4+ range of engine management systems are already well known for delivering class-leading performance without sacrificing factory levels of drivability.

Why the Thunder?

You have been asking for more! More digital inputs, more analog inputs, more auxiliary outputs - more, More, MORE.

We have answered your call and give you the brand new G4+ Thunder with more of everything. Using the same pinout for the A & B connectors giving seamless upgrading from our other ECUs, the Thunder has 2 additional connectors (C & D) for increased capacity. This is the ECU for your high end applications requiring maximum performance, flexibility and tuning control, with the same sleek profile of our other G4+ ECUs

 NB: This ECU comes with 2 connectors (A+B) if you specify no loom. If you specify looms, you get Looms A+B and also connectors C+D (no looms are available for C+D)

  • Advanced fully configurable WireIn Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • Most suitable for high end applications where multi electronic throttle bodies are used or where a large amount of IO is required.


  • Dimensions: 170 x 212 x 44 mm (6.7 x 8.3 x 1.7 in)
  • Weight: 1.04 kg (2.29 lb)
  • Material: Aluminium Die Cast, Black Powder Coated
  • Mounting: Flush mount extruded mounting bracket
  • Connectors:
    • 2 x 34 pin AMP Super Seal
    • 2 x 26 pin AMP Super Seal
    • 2 x Link 6 pin
  • Indicators: Power / Fault code indicator LED
  • IP Rating: 54


  • Electronics: Link G4+ Engine Control Platform
  • Processor:
    • 40 MHz dual processor
    • Engine control specific MCU and Digital Signal Processor
  • Memory: 32 MB Data Logging Memory
  • Communications
    • USB - PC Tuning
    • 2 x CAN 2.0B - User configurable
    • RS-232
  • Firmware: Link G4+ Firmware V5.5.0 or later. In field firmware updatable
  • Tuning Software: PCLink G4+


  • Password: Password protection can be applied to prevent unintended adjustment
  • Lock: Shipped locked (engine control disabled). Must be unlocked by a Link distributor

Max. Ratings

  • Power Supply: Reverse Polarity protected. Max Continuous operating voltage 24V. Over voltage protection at 27V. Minimum operating voltage 6.5V.
  • Temperature: -40 to + 80 ⁰ C (-40 to 185 ⁰F)


  • Engine Position:
    • Up to 6 engine position sensor inputs (reluctor, hall or optical)
    • Engine position tracking to 0.1 degree accuracy
    • Digital Sampling Oscilloscope on Trigger 1 and 2 Inputs
  • Analog:
    • 20 0-5V Analog Inputs
      • 2 have configurable pullup resistor
      • 2 have permanent pullup resistor
  • Digital
    • 8 Frequency or switching inputs. All with switchable pullup resistor
    • 6 High frequency differential frequency or switching inputs
    • Suitable for ABS or turbo speed sensor
    • 2 Switching inputs
  • Barometric Pressure: Internal factory calibrated barometric pressure sensor (or external sensor option)
  • Knock: 2 Knock sensor inputs
  • Lambda Sensor Control: 2 Internal wideband Lambda sensor controllers utilising latest Bosch OEM digital signal processing technology
  • Thermocouple: 2 Thermocouple amplifiers suitable for K Type thermocouple sensors
  • Accelerometer: 3 Axis accelerometer with orientation correction


  • Injector: 8 Peak and Hold or Saturated injector driver outputs. 10/3A max. Unused injector outputs can be used as general purpose outputs. 0.1 degree, 1.6 us precision
  • Ignition: 8 Ignition pre-amplifier drivers (external igniter required). Unused ignition outputs can be used as general purpose outputs. 2.2A max. 0.1 degree precision.
  • Auxiliary Outputs
    • 4 Low Side Drivers. 2.2A max
    • 4 Low/High Side Drivers. 2.2A max
    • 6 Half Bridge Drivers 8 A max
    • 6 Low Side Drivers with open circuit detection 1 A max
  • Regulated Outputs
    • 8V sensor supply. 200mA max
    • 5V sensor supply. 200mA max


  • Included:
    • Flush fit clip in mounting bracket
    • USB tuning cable
    • Link stickers
  • Optional Wiring Loom (various length and pin kit options available)
The Thunder also has the Link G4+ platform features


Link G4+ Platform Features

This chart gives a basic overview of the Link G4+ ECU platform. Full full details of the individual adjustments and settings it is recommended that PCLink G4+ is downloaded and installed.

* Note - Not all features are supported by every Link G4+ ECU type. Refer to the feature differentiation matrix.


  • Engine Types
    • 1 to 12 Cylinder (2 or 4 Stroke)
    • 1 to 4 Rotor
    • User configurable TDC points (for odd fire engines) and firing order
  • Vehicle Details: Tuner memo and VIN number stored in ECU

Fuel Control

  • Types:
    • Single Point
    • Multi Point Group
    • Group Staged
    • Sequential
    • Sequential Staged
  • Calculation: Full Modelled Fuel Equation, Modelled Multi Fuel (Flex Fuel) Equation or Basic Fuel Equation. Full modelled fuel equation considers:
    • Volumetric Efficiency
    • Load Type (MAP, TPS, MAP+TPS, none)
    • Engine Capacity
    • Lambda Target
    • Fuel System Type and Pressure (Injector Flow Pressure Correction)
    • Fuel Density
    • Fuel Density Temp. Coefficient
    • Stoichiometric Ratio
    • Air Charge Temperature
    • Fuel Charge Cooling
    • Injector Size
    • Injector Dead Time
    • Injector Characteristic (GM Style)
  • Multi Fuel: Full support for the use of multiple fuels with separate settings for each fuel type and configurable blending between fuels.
  • Cold Start:
    • Configurable cold start/warmup. 2D/3D tables
    • Pre Crank Prime - Key on or crank
    • First Crank and Cranking Enrichment
    • Post Start Enrichment, Hold and Decay
    • Warm Up Enrichment
    • Multi Fuel fuel blend dependent cold start supported
  • VE Corrections:
    • Dual Fuel Table (overlay, switched or blended)
    • 3D Intake Air Temp
    • 4D Fuel Tab
    • 5D Fuel Table
  • Other:
    • Acceleration Enrichment
    • Overrun Fuel Cut
    • Closed Loop Lambda (Dual Bank) *
    • Individual Cylinder Fuel Trim
    • 3D Injector Timing (Start, End or Center)
    • Staged Injection Primary/Secondary Tuning
    • Corrections by other control features (eg limits, motorsport features)
  • Auxiliary Injection: Additional injector stage control using unused fuel outputs for additional fuel stages or water/alcohol


  • Types:
    • Direct Spark
    • Distributor
    • Twin Distributor
    • Wasted Spark
    • Rotary Leading Wasted
    • Rotary Direct Spark
  • Signals:
    • Rising or Falling Spark Edge
    • ms or duty cycle dwell mode
  • Ignition Control:
    • Ignition Delay Correction
    • Minimum Spark Duration Control
    • Maximum Advance Limit
  • Ignition Corrections:
    • Ignition Timing Calculated using:
      • Ignition Table
      • Dual Ignition Table (Overlay, switched or blended)
      • ECT Trim Table
      • IAT Trim Table
      • 4D Ignition Table
      • 5D Ignition Table
      • Other control features (eg limits, motorsport features)
  • Multi Fuel: Blending of ignition timing between fuels supported
  • Other:
    • Transient Ignition Retard Control
    • Idle Speed Ignition Control
    • Individual Cylinder Ignition Correction
  • Memory: 32 MB Data Logging Memory

Engine Protection

  • Limiting System
    • Used for all limits and configurable for each limit type:
      • Fuel Cut
      • Ignition Cut
      • Rotary Specific
    • Closed loop RPM limiting based on configurable control range
    • 2D/3D Tables
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