Mitsubishi EVO 4 / 5 / 6 RS SuperPro COMPLETE Poly Bush Kit with Castor Correction - KIT5139ADJK

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KIT5139ADJK Front & Rear Suspension Bush Kit (with alignment correction) Transform the handling of your car by replacing all your rubber bushes with high performance Polyurethane bush kits from SuperPro. This kit includes our innovative range of caster and camber adjustable bush kits allowing you to change the alignment settings of the front and rear wheels. This is a must have for fast road and track prepared cars with lowered suspension. Unlike rubber which starts to deteriorate from the day it is fitted, SuperPro Polyurethane bushes are not effected when exposed to Petrol, oil, Diesel, salt, water, ultra-violet light or airborne contaminants, which means SuperPro bushes keep going long after OEM or rubber aftermarket bushes have failed.

All the bushes in this kit are also covered by our unrivalled 3 Year/ 36,000 Mile warranty.


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