Ohlins Road and Track DFV Coilovers for Mitsubishi EVO 4-6 CP9A - GBE Specification

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The best suspension money can buy is now affordable! EVO 4-6 (Evo 4/5/6 requires special fitting kit, which is why they are more expensive)

Road&Track by Öhlins
This is the latest step in the Öhlins Racing automotive philosophy – Road&Track by Öhlins.
A more than 30 years long tradition of high-end racing commitments and state-of-the-art solutions within advanced suspension technology is now available for street cars all over the world.
The focus has been clear from the very beginning – superior road handling without sacrificing comfort in your day-to-day transport. The time of compromises are over!
Öhlins has also added a clever light-weight design with a majority of the parts in aluminium and on top of that all shocks have gone through vast corrosion tests according to ISO 9227. The end result is a 2-year limited warranty on all of their R&T products - worldwide.

EVO 4-9 Tech Spec:
General Features
◦◦ DFV (Dual Flow Valve)
◦◦ Rebuildable
◦◦ Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
◦◦ 2 year Limited Warranty
McPherson Strut
◦◦ Top mounts with camber adjustments
◦◦ Height adjuster (approx. 15 mm lower than standard)
◦◦ Spring preload adjuster
◦◦ Single bleed adjuster
◦◦ Coil Springs (rate 100N/mm)
◦◦ Dustcovers
Rear Features
Conventional Shock Absorber
◦◦ Top mounts
◦◦ Height adjuster
◦◦ Length adjuster (approx. 15 mm lower than standard)
◦◦ Single bleed adjuster
◦◦ Spring preload adjuster
◦◦ Coil Springs (rate 80N/mm)

More information on the "Techy" side of the Ohlins DFV Valve:


Our Mini-Review (Written 17/4/2012)

Hi Guys,

On Friday last week (the 13th no less!) we were in attendance at Oulton Park at a Track Day organised by Opentrack - http://www.opentrack.co.uk/

The purpose of the day was to test the Ohlins DFV Road & Track 4/5/6 kit we sell while on track and to get some decent set ups to pass on to our customers when they buy these kits. Also, we wanted to get the kit signed off by an official OhlinsTechnician so we can sell the 4/5/6 kit as it comes.

This was arranged a couple of months ago by Bren from Apex, and we had Tim Harvey (Ex Touring car driver), the boss of Ohlins UK and a key UK Ohlins technician on hand whilst the evaluation was being done.

Bright and early we arrived (although not early enough to get a pit garage! Some of these guys must have been there at 4am!) and unloaded the car from the trailer in full road trim. After the usual coffee, briefing and slow sighting laps, we were let loose on track!

First impressions were fantastic - as expected. The car felt very well balanced indeed, with very little body roll and very little pitching on braking and accelerating. After a good session I pulled in, checked tyre pressures and got the OhlinsTechnician in the car to assess the kit.
After a few laps the Technician was waxing lyrical about the kit - he commented how stable the car felt and how it was a neutral feel with only a hint of oversteer when really pushed. Grip was phenomenal on the 888s. More so than on any of the previous coilovers we had tried.
We then pulled into the pits again and the Techy recommended some small changes to the damping settings, then we repeated the multi-lap session.
Crikey - he knew what he was talking about! On the previous setting we went through Cascades in 3rd, got on the gas, grabbed 4th, flat out along the straight, then backed off, swung left and held a neutral throttle on the approach to Shell Corner.
With the improved settings we were able to carry 10mph more speed through the left hander before Shell, and then stamp on the gas again before braking!

Unlike other (cheaper) suspension kits, it's really evident that the Ohlins DFV has a great range of damping. 5 clicks on an Ohlins is like 30 clicks on cheaper coilovers (that isn't an exaggeration either!).

The rest of the day was spent learning the track and trying to reach the limits of adhesion! 
I sent my father out in the car several times and he commented on how forgiving the car was on the limit. I also sent Liz (my fianceé) out for some laps! She managed to get some good times as well - and in a car she doesn't drive much!

As you are no doubt aware, Ohlins do not make a kit for the EVO 4/5/6, so we take a 7/8/9 kit, replace the top mounts with some that have the correct orientation, FULLY assemble the kit (the boxes contain a large number of parts you see, so we think it is vital that the kit is "ready to fit" when you receive it), and put in the box our brackets for holding the brake flexi hoses and ABS sensor wires.
There has been some debate about whether they needed re-valving to suit the 4/5/6. We always maintained they didn't.

The outcome of the test at Oulton is that the kit is now FULLY APPROVED by an Official Ohlins Technician

The GBE Supplied Ohlins DFV Road and Track kit for the EVO 4-6 is perfect for the application with extremely well valved dampers and perfectly matched spring rates. There is no need to revalve at all as even with track settings the damping was set at a level that left plenty of adjustment in either direction.
On the Road the suspension behaves exceptionally well with no cause for us to believe a revalve is necessary on the EVO 7/8/9 kit to make it work perfectly on the EVO 4/5/6


Overall, we are extremely please with the Ohlins DFV Road & Track kits.
Even at £2500 I feel they are extremely good value as I have no doubt that we would have been off track an in the barriers on lesser kit!

We have them in stock now and also have some great settings we can give you (geometry and damping) to get the car handling just right.