Pauter Forged Con Rods for Rover T16 Turbo

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VERY High quality items capable of withstanding over 750lbft of torque! Billet steel rods - available for any car to order. The wild-card engine component in the T16 is the con-rod. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule as to how much "power" they will take before failing. Standard rods are made from a cast steel. This is fine for a standard engine, but as you start to push things the rods can be stretched to their limits. We have seen standard Rover rods bend at as little as 10psi of boost! We recommend replacing rods when rebuilding an engine with Forged Piston, etc.

The simple beam design completely eliminates thin and non-uniform cross sections over the total length of the beam. This feature greatly improves resistance to crack-induced metal fatigue. In addition, the non-tapered profile of the beam helps to spread potentially harmful stress over a larger area, dispersing instead of concentrating these destructive loads. The design also efficiently places needed material in critical transitional areas, giving maximum support exactly where it is needed (such as directly under the wrist pin). The streamlined contour also provides subtle benefits in the form of windage reduction and breather/vacuum system function. The main beam rib continues around the wrist pin boss, perfectly integrating beam to boss, affording a small but important contribution to overall structural unity.

Our rods feature:

• E4340 vacuum melt chrome moly forging, heat-treated to Rockwell C36

• All surfaces 100% CNC machined, and shot peened for stress relief

• 220,000 psi tensile strength MSP220 steel, J-formed, rolled thread racing rod bolts

• Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings • End-to-end balanced in sets.These rods are 160mm C-C (standard length) with 21mm small ends. Designed for floating pins, but can be used with press fit pins. 

Not the cheapest on the market, but a proven track record in high power cars. Also, if a rod fails - it's game over for the whole engine!!!  **Delivery time can be up to 6 weeks** Please call for accurate ETA if you are in a hurry.