Audi A4 18.t (20v) Big turbo Link ECU daily

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Audi A4 18.t (20v) Big turbo Link ECU daily

Grants daily driver uncovered in this special blog!


Having owned the car for 2 years, Grant decided to see what was possible with a stock car and aftermarket standalone ECU. In this case a Link Fury. Grant took the car off the road 18 months ago, it's taken this long to get it started/running again! We are fully subscribing to the Rat Rod/Sleeper look on this car. Grant has modified the cars original loom to fit the Link and even added some additional bits, like eThrottle and cruise control. The idea is to get the car running like a factory ECU but with some huge performance upgrades.

Under the bonnet, we find a totally standard 1.8t 20v turbo lump, all that's been changed is the coil pack and the injectors. We've also fitted a new turbo manifold and T34 turbo. This might be a bit big for this example, but we really wanted to see what was possible with a stock/unbuilt engine. Add in a front mount intercooler and a new exhaust system and we have the makings of a really fun car. 


The car is a B5 Quattro that would have had 186bhp new. This car is still going strong with 175000 miles on the clock. The Quattro system should help the car push the power from that turbo down to the ground. We are running a base map currently and will have a video and some further coverage once the map is finished. But we are hoping to see well north of 350bhp.


Update 1: Here is the graph after just a tweak to the "base" map: 


Looks like our 350 figure should be easy! What a beast! 321hp and 255 lbs/ft.