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A 160k miles BMW 535d in for a remap, totally stock car still running the DPF. This car is a fine example of a BMW; higher mileage yet still delivering great power and torque. Here is the before graph: 399 lbs/ft and 256 hp. Not bad for a 13 year old stock car!  We performed the remap and this is the after graph: Big gains! With 454 lbs/ft and 293hp. Total gains of 55 ft/lbs and and 36 HP. Nice! As we can also see from the graph; the torque and power curve is much smoother and we see the torque...

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We had a lovely VW Golf 1.4 TSI in for a flash map on Saturday. This car belongs to a friend of ours who was very curious to see what performance gain he could get form the standard car with just a remap. VW Claim the car has 124 bhp and 148 lbs/ft of torque from new. However, we know that most Volkswagen cars are quite understated. We did a dyno run before the flash/remap and this is the result: The car made 134 bhp and 172 lbs/ft torque; quite a bit over its standard figure. This is on a stock...

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