Blue Evo 9 Build

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Blue Evo 9 Build

What. A. Car.

I know we say this a lot at GBE and we are very lucky to have the opportunity to work on such amazing vehicles, but seriously this is an awesome car.

This Evo 9 came in for a Link ECU from our good friends at FCM Motorsport. FCM spent hundreds of hours on this car and it really shows. The car is running a Garret GT35R turbo and Asnu 1400cc injectors with a full race manifold. The car had head lift on its first dyno runs, so it now also has an HKS Stopper head gasket and beefier ARP head studs.This is the graph for the power run on the stock ECU:

Considering this was road mapped on the standard ECU it's a bit of a beast! We fitted a Link ECU and this was the result of our full mapping session:


So even with just a change of ECU we can see big gains in both power and torque, but more importantly, the car drives much better. The power delivery is much smoother and the car is much nicer to drive.

See more with our video here:

Get in touch to see if a Link can transform your car too!