Carnage - New TV show with our mapped car!

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Carnage - New TV show with our mapped car!

"Welcome to Carnage, the most extreme contest on the planet where thirty purpose built, weaponised vehicles clash and smash in three thrilling arenas in the blazing heat of the vast, arid desert." - that's the blurb from the Sky 1 Carnage page.

Basically, it's Robot Wars meets Top Gear. Car-based combat and challenges - simple! We were very lucky to get involved with one of the cars on the show; specifically this monster:


At one point in its life, it was a Subaru Legacy with a Flat 6 non-turbo. Now, well, I'm not sure what it is! What I can tell you is that it's mapped by us and it only just about fit in our dyno cell (the rear wing/axe was very tight!). We weren't allowed to film it on the rollers due to an NDA on the TV Show, but here is a short burnout video:

Watch the show every Sunday night at 8pm - See! Just like Top Gear! And make sure to support our Subaru/Tank!