GB Enterprises back at 100%

GB Enterprises back at 100%

Hello GB Ent fans, Its been a funny old few months but now things are slowly getting back to a new normal and we are back to running at 100% . The office is back to normal and the work shop is busier than ever. 

At the moment we have a few cars I wanted to bring to your attention. Firstly is this EVO 7. Its been on the dyno after having to fix another tuners errors. Not ideal but nice to get a good result in the end.

The second car I want to talk to you about you is a BMW E36 M3 Race car. This car not only looks great but now runs brilliantly too. It came into us with an incorrectly wired ECU and wouldn't make the power expected. With a new Link Fury fitted its making a healthy 380 HP. 

The third car is a BMW E46 M3 Track car. Its come all the way from Guernsey for us to fit a Link Fury ECU to see how much power we can extract from the super charged S54 engine. 

 This is a car you wouldn't mind being parked on your driveway!

Well that's it for this time, See you again soon.