GBE Drift Car round up!

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GBE Drift Car round up!

Drift Car heaven at GBE.

Over the past few weeks we've had quite a run in drift cars, I guess this shows how popular drifting is at the moment! 

The highlight has to be "Rusty Slider" - a Ford 100E Prefect. Well the shell of a 100E at least!

From this:


To this:


Tom, who owns the car, has done an incredible job and it's a real credit to him, the car is running a Nissan CA18DET engine with a Link Monsoon ECU.

See more pictures and info on the car here on Tom's Facebook:

Here is the graph, not bad for such a small car (306HP and 285 lbs/ft):


Also in the workshop and the dyno we've had this awesome little BMW Compact with a 1JZ swap:


And an ex-British Drift Championship Chaser JZX90:


This Chaser has seen some serious abuse, but that's what drift cars are for right? :) - again this car is running a 1JZ and a Link Storm, once the map is finished it'll run some serious horsepower.

The BMW is a "home built" project again running a Link storm ECU. The car has caused us 1 or 2 issues, but we are hoping to see good power from this too!.We imagine the owner is going to have a lot of fun with this car! Video's to follow we hope!

This has been quite a picture heavy blog, so apologies for that, videos will be up on YouTube in the next few days.