GBE Flashing/Remapping Services - Now Live in our shop

GBE Flashing/Remapping Services - Now Live in our shop

GBE are now offering Flashing and Remapping services for a huge range of modern cars. Grant has been completing these flash maps for the over 6 years now, starting off with late model BMW's. Since then he has bought a whole range of flashing equipment and we can now flash map most modern cars.

range of cars

We have these services available here and here. We can do a flash map at your home/business or we can perform power runs on our dyno with before and after figures. The dyno runs will prove the power and torque gains, plus we'll give you a print out proving the cars performance, this can help if you decide to sell the vehicle. 

Unlike cheaper flash maps on eBay, our maps are built specifically for your car, we never use "generic" or internet bought maps. This is the differentiating factor between us and eBay, not only will your car see greater performance gains, it'll ensure the car is much more reliable. 

Get in touch with us now for more details or to book in a remap!