GBE Round Up November 2017

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GBE Round Up November 2017

It's been another busy month so far! We've been working on a lot of different cars, and this blog is just going to touch on a few of the cars we video'd. 

We had a super clean Impreza Type R on the rollers:


This car came in for a health check and power run, the owner is looking at some performance upgrades now that he knows the engine/map is lovely and safe.

We had a map tweak on this awesome little 2.1 Pinto engine Mark 2 Escort:


This car made good power and sounded awesome.

Next up we had a 106 GTI race car in for a full map:


This car has a Link Monsoon ECU and should be slaying other Hot Hatches at Castle Combe!

Finally we've had an as new condition BMW M4 come in for a power run:


According to BMW, this car should make 424HP and on the dyno it made 422 after 36000 miles, not bad at all. The car sounded amazing too, the butterfly valves are constantly open on this car and it really changes the way it sounds completely.

On top of all of this we also announced our drift car side project, James and friends will be working on this car alongside normal GBE duties to try and create our own drift car:


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