Golf Mk2 2.7 Twin Turbo Magazine Feature

Have a look at this Month's Performance VW magazine to see a car we have done lots of work on!

Austen Grice of BMW Specialist "Grants of Wellington" had us build a loom for this one-off car.

Using a Link Thunder ECU , Link (AIM) MXS Strada Digital Race Dash and lots of other goodies, this 2.7 Twin Turbo V6 Audi engine has been grafted into a MK2 VW Golf. And the special ingredient? A REAR WHEEL DRIVE Conversion using BMW 1 and 3 series parts! 

Credit goes to Austen for building this and especially for having the Cahoonas to drive it!

Can't wait to see it back here soon with the forged engine to make big numbers!!!

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg1

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg2

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg3

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg4

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg5

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg6

PVW Golf Mk2 Pg7