September 2019 Roundup Pt1

September 2019 Roundup Pt1

The New Blog 2019

Hello and welcome back to the newest addition of the GB Enterprises blog.

We’ve been away for a while but now its time to let you know what we’re getting up to once again.  Hopefully we can update you all on a weekly basis with what comes in, how much power they make and what we do to the cars to push them to their full potential. Some beautiful pictures of our customers special cars will be included too, to give you an idea of the type of motors that we get to tinker with.

Week 1

VW Golf R32 Turbo

This week we’ve had a VW Golf R32 Turbo in the dyno. This little beauty made the windows shake with the amount of power is was making. It made 734.4 Hp, 645 lbft torque at only 23.5psi boost. Now that’s a lot for this size car!!!!

Credit to Retro Resus for the fantastic build - see their facebook page for more details: CLICKY!

Good enough to make number 2 on our power board.

Gardner Douglas AC Cobra

We’ve been lucky enough to have a 7.0L LS7 Cobra come through our doors for a little map tweaking. This spectacular looking car is a true class piece of kit, the envy of every person wanting to go for a ride and turn heads.

The Mast Motorsports ECU is one we have not worked with before, so every day is a school day for us!!!  Let's see if this one can make our 2WD power board. 

Mitsubishi EVO 6


This EVO 6 was brought to us to fit and map a Link ECU plugin, Link CANLambda and oil pressure/ temperature sensors.

This particular EVO 6 featured a forged EVO 9 engine...

Initially a straightforward job; unfortunately it didn't pan out that way!!

The car did not make the power hoped for so further investigation was required.

Compression and leakdown tests confirmed our early suspicions that the engine was not at 100% health!   

Next week we will tell you about a very special Sierra Cosworth, a Nissan 200SX race car and give you an update on Grant's Audi shed!!