Week 2

Week 2

Week 2

Like i said in the last post, its our aim to keep you the reader up to date with whats going on at GB Enterprises so here is the weekly round-up.  

Nissan 200SX

This week we've had an S14a Nissan 200SX Race car to work on. It needed a new electronic throttle body and MAP sensor, and a rebuild of the loom for the E-throttle, IAT and map sensor. With these adjustments and new parts it should be running so much better on the track than before… and that means another happy customer.

Grant is off to Silverstone this weekend offering Race Support to this car. If you are there, pop over and say Hi!




The Audi (Shed)

 Previously you may have read about Grant’s Audi A4 1.8T Sport Quattro Avant – lovingly known as “The Shed”. 

It had a stock engine with a Chinese T34 bolted on and a Link Fury ECU fitted. Grant put his usual level of attention to the calibration and it made 320+hp on low boost, then 410hp on 20psi of boost. Not bad for a budget build!



After surprising some unsuspecting victims on track, it was time to pull the engine and build something “Proper”.

Initial thoughts were to build the engine on site here at GBE (because we can), but after a chat with Dave at DY Engines (our preferred engine builder), it was decided that Dave should do the job and we would compromise on parts in order to get the best in the business to build it. We have used Maxpeeding Rods (budget, but good) and a set of Wossner Pistons. Budget components put together correctly, with the perfect piston to bore, ring and bearing clearances, will always be more reliable that top-of-the-range components thrown together!

We have retained a stock head in terms of “gas flowing”, but have done some tricks with the cams. Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have noticed a few clues on there!


The new forged engine from DY Engines has been installed this week. Let’s see how much power this sleeper will make. First fire up video below......

.......To be continued!!!!