Weekly Roundup 28/02/2020

Weekly Roundup 28/02/2020

We've been away for a few weeks so thought we'd give you a little update on the goings on at GB Enterprises.

This week at GB Enterprises...

This is what happens when plastic piping and a hot manifold get too close!!!

This becomes a very expensive clean up job, don't let this happen to you!!!!

Also this week we have been working on a Nissan Skyline. The customer had a Link G4+ plug in ECU and a Link G4+ CanLambda added. The aim is to get to 400hp. Can it get there? Shouldn't be a problem!!


At the end of the week we had a single seated racing car to pop on the dyno and see how much power it made.

We ended up with a happy customer and a smooth running race car,

Until next time GB Ent fans..