Wossner Forged Pistons and PEC Steel Con Rod Kits now in our shop

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Wossner Forged Pistons and PEC Steel Con Rod Kits now in our shop

We will now be stocking a range of Wossner/PEC forged engine kits on our website, the kits include a range of Wossner Forged pistons and PEC steel Conrods. These are ideal if you're looking for an engine build that won't break the bank but still give you decent components. We would recommend these kits for lower/mid power turbo builds or as upgrades for standard components after a failure. 

Why should you use forged pistons and uprated rods?

It's simple really, they are stronger and they'll take more power.

Ok, I lied a bit it's not that simple at all, but the essence of my statement is correct. Forged pistons and uprated conrods can allow your car to run more boost and thus more power. They can also last much longer than standard cast pistons, this is really important when upgrading a "stock" engine vs building a forged engine. The stock engine might run at 1.7 bar of boost, but a forged engine is more likely to last longer at 1.7 bar. 

If you are doing a new engine build or fixing a dead engine there really are very few reasons not to use forged/uprated components, especially on higher horsepower/boosted cars.



These kits are all ordered on demand but the lead time is usually very short. To start with we have our VAG 1.8t, Rover T16, Subaru and Mitsubishi kits.

View our range here or get in touch if you want something specific that it isn't listed.