2018 - New Year Blog

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2018 - New Year Blog

Its been a super busy 4 months since James joined the GBE team. We've rolled out a new website, a blog and been more active on Facebook and YouTube. Hopefully you guys like what we are doing!

The start of 2018 is also a busy one, with some cracking cars due in to us for mapping. First is a stunning Evo 9 - that will be subject of its own blog and build video - watch this space! Second is a Toyota MR2 Turbo with a Link ECU - super excited to see this one on the dyno. Third is the return of the Pop! Rusty Slider returns to GBE for final mapping of its Link, we won't spoil whats been done to the car yet, we'll let Tom do the honours there. Lets just say this car is going to be even more awesome in 2018!

If there is anything you guys want to know or see in relation to the company or the dyno, then let us know on our Facebook here. Or drop me an email james@gb-ent.com. Our plans so far are to do an in depth dyno video that explains the process we go through when calibrating the dyno and to do a video on our mapping process and what we actually do when a car comes in for a full map. 

Remember our power board is live on the website now too! We hope to get some serious horsepower on the board this year!

Welcome to 2018 guys! We hope its a cracker!