April 2018 Roundup

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April 2018 Roundup

Time for another roundup! This time we look back at April and look forward to some of the cool cars we'll be working on in May.

We had new powerboard leaders in both 4WD and 2WD.

In 2WD we had this awesome Supra in; we hope to see this car again once the slight misfire is fixed:

In 4WD we had an awesome Evo 9; you can read all about the car in this post.

We also had a PS13 drift car in for a Link ECU and mapping session. This car is an awesome colour and made decent power, thanks to Link:


Apologies for the video-heavy start to the blog, but we think these 3 are worth sharing again. We have another drift car in the workshop at the moment, a car we have seen before, now with some more upgrades. We also have this amazing MK2 Escort, again running a Link ECU. This car should be A LOT of fun when it's finished.

escort mk2

Capping the month off, we have been finishing a rebuild on this Subaru P1. We hope to have this on the dyno in the coming weeks to see what it makes. This is a 2.0 litre forged build with the standard VF28 turbo and RCM Headers/Exhaust, so not crazy power, but it should be a really nice car to drive. This P1 is also fitted with a Link ECU.


If you haven't noticed, we quite like using Link ECU! We made a blog post last year explaining why we love them so much, give it a read here.

We were involved in a few secret jobs in April too; we hope to reveal them soon. Watch our Facebook pageYouTube Page and the blog for more news!